Survey: Help Devs Understand Real VR Users & Enter to Win $150 Amazon Gift Card

While there’s a steadily growing number of quality VR games, it’s still well understood that VR is in need of more great content. But what kinds of VR games should developers focus on creating? That’s one of the primary questions we want to help VR devs answer with a survey which aims to understand real VR users.

With a solid two and a half years of high-end consumer VR now under our collective belts, everyone from consumers to developers to headset makers have a much better idea of what the market landscape looks like than prior to headsets actually hitting store shelves. And while the VR space is slowly beginning to amass a collection of quality titles (wave shooters be damned), consumers are still hungry for great content that will whisk them away to memorable virtual worlds.

But what kinds of content is being played the most today, and what do consumers think is still missing? Wanting to help developers understand that question, we’ve created a survey in conjunction with our friends at Greenlight Insights, a VR and AR market intelligence firm. Specifically, this survey is focused on understanding real users of VR headsets, not potential users who don’t actually own and use VR hardware.

Answer the ‘Real VR User’ Survey

The survey will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete and at the end you’ll be entered to win a $150 Amazon gift card. Data collected is anonymous and only used for the purposes of this survey. The more responses the clearer the picture becomes— please share with any friends who also own VR headsets!

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