Position Estimation and Calibration of Inertial Motion Capture Systems Using Single Camera

JVRB, 15(2018), no. 3.: The paper proposes a hybrid system for position estimation
of a motion capture suit and gloves as well
as a method for an automatic skeleton calibration for
motion capture gloves. The skeleton calibration works
with a single image scan of the hand where the skeleton
is fitted. The position estimation is based on a synchronization
of an inertial motion capture system and
a single camera optical setup. The proposed synchronization
uses an iterative optimization of an energy potential
in image space, minimizing the error between
the camera image and a rendered virtual representation
of the scene. For each frame, an input skeleton
pose from the mocap suit is used to render a silhouette
of a subject. Moreover, the local neighborhood around
the last known position is searched by matching the
silhouette to the distance transform representation of
the camera image based on Chamfer matching. Using
the combination of the camera tracking and the inertial
motion capture suit, it is possible to retrieve the
position of the joints that are hidden from the camera view.
Using the proposed hybrid technique, it is possible to
capture the position even if it cannot be captured by
the suit sensors. Our system can be used for both realtime
tracking and off-line post-processing of already
captured mocap data.
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